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the 2020 COVID year

The 2020 year started hopefully, with the teams set to be in Nepal in April and September, but as news of the virus spread, all visits were cancelled.

Following the successful year of work achieved in 2019, several teams of enthusiastic volunteers were ready to be part of the project. Hopefully there will be a breakthrough in 2021 with combatting the virus.

Nepal has shutdown its borders and strict lockdown has been implemented. Kopan Monastery has been providing not only local people with food supplies but also villages affected by the monsoon landslides.

There will be a backlog of work which will keep the 2021 teams very busy. Each year in the monastery and nunnery, there is a new intake of approximately 100 monks and nuns, which means we will be treating double that number in 2021. The young new arrivals are often in a poor dental state.

There have been many applicants for 2021, so once travel is safe and effective treatment for the virus is available, I will be

looking forward to returning as soon as possible.


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