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Celebrating the Work of the October Teams at Kopan and Chialsa

An enthusiastic team of three dentists and two assistants spent a week treating the older nuns who were in need of urgent treatment. The team adapted brilliantly and completed a lot of restorative work. The nuns were pleased to have the opportunity to receive quality dental care. Karuna, Bridget and David with their assistants, Katie and Matt spent time teaching oral hygiene to large groups of nuns and monks. Thanks to the clinic manager, Sangye, Kelsang and Phende who provided support and assistance.

John and Jude returned to Chialsa for the sixth time and treated over 150 school children at the remote Everest School. So pleasing how they had senior students assisting and gaining work experience in the clinic.

Pemba, the school headmaster escorted them on a 3day trek in gratitude for the wonderful service they have provide over the years.


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