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Productive visits to Kopan and Chialsa in October 2022

I was fortunate to be able to return in October2022 with two teams. A team for the Kopan Clinic and the other for Chialsa.

At Kopan we completed unfinished work from April and treated the majority of the age groups up tp year 4 level. The team included Mark Nathan, Margo Adamska and Sherri Simmonds, and our ever reliable nun, Kelsang.

The dedicated Chialsa group were led by John Denton and Jude Allsopp who helped initiate the remote clinic in 2016. They were joined by Atish and Lynne, who returned for a second time this year. It is a spectacular but arduous 12-hour road trip. The Chialsa Project is vital in a region where the Sherpa families are so poor and are unable to obtain basic medical and dental treatment. It is a week of working in a unique location (2700m altitude) with morning views above the clouds for incredible stoic and resilient people.

Pleasingly the oral health of the school children at Chialsa has improved, Thanks to the time invested in treatment and prevention by the visiting teams, and heartily supported by the teaching staff. We are seeing positive results for the Sherpa students at school in Chialsa, Solukhumbu.


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