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April 2018 What a month

Three teams visited Nepal during the month. Two of the teams worked at Kopan Monastery in Kathmandu whilst the third group undertook the road trip to the countryside in Solukhumbu.

The three groups collectively examined and treated just over 700 patients. An amazing result which reflected their enthusiasm and harmony.

The two groups at Kopan Monastery treated 460 monks and nuns, and the Chialsa team saw all the 150 odd children at the remote hilltop boarding school at Chialsa. Never before had we treated so many patients in the 3 weeks of treatment. All the monks and nearly all the nuns at Kopan were seen.

The new 8 year arrivals were incredible patients. Despite never been exposed to any form of dental treatment they were the sort of patients you would love to have back home. Some were so cute that you wanted to take them home! We were able to give LA and complete restorations and extractions without any drama.

Pleasingly the work done in previous visits needed very little maintenance and the decay rate is declining. We are now able to spend more time focusing on prevention, particularly the younger monks and nuns. We paid a visit to a nearby monastery in Kathmandu, to give oral hygiene education to a local group of children. Led by Tiffanie from Florida, Josie, Sanchitha, and my partner Helen individual instructions and demonstrations on hand washing and toothbrushing were given. A few local dogs also joined the class.

Next year we will have a fully trained hygienist , Pende in the clinic. Pende, a Kopan monk, is in his final year of 3 year hygienist course.

So a hearty thank you to all the volunteers who made this visit so special, and hope to see them return.

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