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The Absolute Beauty of Chialsa

Hi My name is Deserae, I’m a Dental Therapist, and I had the privilege to be involved , with George’s wonderful project(Project Yeti) last April, with a friend Vicki Mcfarlane as my DA. And we were lucky enough to return this April, with a great couple Chris and Lesley, WOW ,, no words can explain or do the experience justice. To be met by the local monks, children and families of Chialsa in such a heartwarming ,joyous way on our return was humbling. It was wonderful to see familiar, happy smiling faces, so excited that we have returned, and I must admit we felt the same way. Once in Chialsa and recovered from our 13 hour jeep ride from Kathmandu,,,, that was rigorous to say the least,,, the magic of the place consumed us YES, its hard work ,,,, from the travel to Chialsa,setting up the clinic , sorting out boxes of stores, dealing with portable equipment,,, that doesn't always work as well as you would like,,, throw into the mix,,, very cold mornings and nights,, showering in cold water, water running out, doing your washing in a bucket in freezing water, unreliable power,,,, it all tests your strengths,,,BUT,,,, The absolute beauty of the countryside, the majestic Himalayas as your backdrop, the vegetarian meals, lovingly cooked in the old blackened kitchen, there continual cups off Masala tea, brought to you by the monks thru out the day, the casual walks down to the local guesthouse, and sitting amongst the local ladies sipping hot milk tea, whilst kids are herding their goats,,, all with the snow capped mountains in the distance ,,,, oh it well and truly makes up for any hardship!! All of this is just an extra bonus, as it is the children, monks and people of Chialsa that make you’ll I love with it all. The openness, trust, innocence of the children that come happily into the clinic to see you, and the hugs you receive and give after completing their treatment , is what it is all about. It helps being part of a great team Vicki, Chris, Lesley who are able to work synergistically, to provide the best care possible. Dates are organised already for next year April 2020 and we cannot wait to return. PS Vicki and I have our own project,,,,,, we are knitting beanies for all the kids at the school,,, to take with us in April,,, hope my hands will hold up !

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