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Nepal March2017

In the three weeks of late March the team of 10 volunteers completed treatment for 499 patients

at the Kopan Dental Clinic. The three chairs and two autoclaves never missed a beat. Many of the Kopan Monastery monks were on holidays so after treating all the novice monks, we invited monks and nuns from the neighbouring monasteries.

As always the patients were very co-operative( with the few exception!) despite never having received any previous dental treatment.

Many had cavities in their deciduous dentition and the newly erupted permanent molars. Laura and Camilla worked hard cleaning and educating the 8 to 10 year olds in basic oral hygiene. The dentists, Kaz, Lisa, Ian, Albert and Denise had their work cut out completing hundreds of restorations and extractions when required.

Ably assisted by Marketa, Daniel and Codie an amazing amount of work was done.

At the end of each day, the hard workers enjoyed going out and relaxing either at Thamel or the local cafe where wifi was available.

I am very grateful to all of these volunteers who gave up their time and expertise with such enthusiasm and wonderful motivation for these underprivileged people of Nepal.

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