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Exciting Visit September 2016

An enthusiastic group from NSW, 'The Happy Tooth' will be spending two weeks volunteering at Kopan Monastery. The group led by Megan, include a dentist, hygienist and three nurses.They will be joined by oral therapist, Hollie Bendotti from WA. This is the largest group ever to come and we know their dedication and commitment to the poorest in Nepal, will be so very much appreciated.

The principal of The Happy Tooth practice, Alexys Ward has facilitated the visit for her enthusiastic staff.

The staff, amazingly have been fund raising and printing T-shirts especially for the visit.

In the third week, I will be joined by Dr John Denton and Jude Allsopp in taking the mobile equipment to Solu Khumbu. This will be an exciting first, involving a 8 hour road trip with all the dental equipment. We will be hosted by the local monastery, Thubten Shedrup Ling.

The monastery is nestled in the mountains of lower Solu Khumbu. The area is beautiful - valleys surrounded by white peaks of the Himalayan range. Close to the trekking trail to the Everest base camp, it is still quite isolated, and not many foreigners come by. It is a very poor region of Nepal; with few jobs available, where most people live from portering during the trekking season, trading or surviving on subsistence farming.

We hope to achieve much needed restorative work as well as oral hygiene classes. It will be the first dental visit for the majority of the patients treated.

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