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Review of Kopan Visit April 2016

Excerpts from Ian's blog.

Three weeks have passed and George and I have needed that time to complete the work. We treated with Dr. Michelle Huang's help, 300 patients, some with extensive work. We performed fillings,extractions, endo and cosmetic work plus a lot of cleaning.

The Tibetan nuns were very concerned about their smiles. They presented with denture base resin wedged in to hide the imperfections and were delighted when I repaired incisor edges.

The young monks were amazingly resilient, lying very still for treatment. Much better than Aussie kids.

The highlights here were the early morning sounds and the interesting discussions with itinerant Westerners during breaks. I awoke to the village roosters and dogs, the monastic bells and low moving chants of mantras.

The talk over lunch and tea focused on life, travel, Buddha and other philosophies. Vegetarian food became a bit monotonous though! The variety was better in Boudha and stylish Thamel.

And yes, I would return: doing the work at Kopan, I feel quietly accomplished.

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