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"Real happiness in life starts when you begin to cherish others."

- Lama Zopa Rinpoche

What is Project Yeti?

Project Yeti has two volunteer dental clinics in Nepal.

The main clinic is in the Kopan Monastery, overlooking Kathmandu Valley. 


The second clinic is the remote and beautiful Solukhumbu.


Our aim is to provide a high level of dental care to the underprivileged people of Nepal, including monks, nuns, and orphans.

I began the project in 2012 with my partner, Helen, to provide dental care and oral health education in Kathmandu.


The Kopan Monastery Clinic is near Boudhanath, overlooking the Kathmandu valley

The second clinic which is near Salleri in Lower Solukhumbu, provides treatment for the school children at the Mount Everest School.



The Nepalese have a high infant mortality rate and unemployment sits at 50% for adult males in cities and even higher in rural areas. Provision of dental care is minimal for the poor in Kathmandu and virtually non-existent in the villages. 


I had seen from my earlier experience at Kopan monastery that the monks and nuns came mainly from desperately poor rural and remote villages. So the new yearly intake of young monks and nuns have a high incidence of decay.


The monastery prior to 2012 had no provision for dental treatment. The monks and nuns received treatment only on a needs basis. 

Starting with very little equipment, both clinics now have several dental units and are equipped to provide restorative care.


Dr George Manos

BDS (Adelaide) 1973,


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